I had been at the company for about two years, and we just kept making the same old, same old. At that point I was also racing stock outboard and got into outboard tunnels, the SST 120 class and Formula One, and there were a lot of changes being made there with three- and four-blades. I decided to take a crack at designing something, so I grabbed one of Oscar’s original single-blade patterns that he hand-carved out of wood. It was the diameter and pitch I wanted, so I made the Legend blade shape. We have a very unique blade shape, and we kind of went away from it when my dad was running the company. I went back to the original OJ shape, made a three-blade and called it the Legend to honor what Oscar did. It worked way better than what we had or what anyone else had. I took the same basic concept and introduced a four-blade in 1995.