In addition to our complete CNC machined XMP propeller line and the XMP Line of products, we also offer propeller shafting for all makes of inboard ski boats and propeller repair.

The propeller shafts are available in 1” to 1 1/8” in both taper and spline. Please call for pricing.

Repair services for all inboard propellers from 12″ dia. up to 15″ diameter are available. All makes of inboard propellers can be reconditioned by OJ’s repair staff. Cost of the repair is based on the extent of damage to the propeller. All propellers will be repaired to original specifications or they will not be repaired and are guaranteed to perform as good as new or we will fix it again at no charge. Keep in mind that not all damaged propellers can be repaired. Some props can be damaged beyond repair. Just send your damaged propeller to our facility and our staff will determine if the propeller can be repaired. You will then be given a quote for the cost of repairs. Please include a daytime phone number and return address with the damaged propeller. Form of payment can be made using Visa, Mastercard, or C.O.D.

Contact us if you require repair work.

Click here for a chart of available propeller sizes.