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WakePro V-3

By refining our original superior design, we have produced our finest performing line of propellers.  The Wakepro V-3 propellers boast an enhanced pitch distribution along with a new blade shape that produces better top end and low end power.  Providing the best of speed and pulling power, the Wakepro V-3 outruns and over powers the competition.


XMP Edge

The XMP EDGE was developed for the hardcore wakeboarders and skurfers. The XMP EDGE is the first propeller in our industry designed specifically for the V-drive wakeboard boat and offers a larger diameter with lower pitch to better handle the additional ballast added to the wakeboard boats providing overall performance that is unrivaled. While the XMP EDGE propeller concept has been copied it has not been matched with performance. The XMP EDGE line continues to grow and is offered in many different sizes to fit your specific needs.



The XMP, an eXeptionally Machined Propeller. The XMP is OJ’s fully CNC machined propeller line combines our 75 years of propeller development with the CNC machining process. The XMP propellers are crafted from highly accurate Ni-Bral castings in our foundry and fully machined in our CNC machining centers. The XMP propeller line boasts a new refined design based on our original LEGEND propellers. The highly accurate CNC machining process produces propellers that are accurate and consistent from part to part. A reliable and repeatable performer defines OJ’s XMP PROPELER line. The XMP line offers propellers in both 3 and 4-blades.


Force 4-Blade

Like it’s predecessor, The LEGEND 3-blade, The FORCE 4-BLADE is a strong and affordable performer. The FORCE 4-Blade was the first 4-blade introduced that provided the tournament tow boat a strong, exceptionally smooth and steady pull.


Legend 3-Blade

The name speaks for itself. The original LEGEND is a design handed down from the originator, Oscar Johnson. This hand crafted 3-blade has been a consistent performer for many years. The LEGEND 3-blade is still a popular choice for its performance and affordability.


XPC Shaft Seals

XPC and DLXPC Seal Systems – Comprised entirely of a Glide – 100 bearing made in the U.S.A., making it very durable, light weight and non corrosive. The light weight housing also reduces the loaded weight on the shaft and seal, resulting in a better performing and longer product life.

The integrated bearing surface allows the seal to run true to the shaft. Our proprietary double lip seal uses no mechanical springs and does not harm the shaft over time, even if it is run dry! The water provided to the seal system is only required to insure a properly lubricated bearing surface when a slight load occurs due to difficult alignment.

The DLXPC Seal is a revolutionary design that provides an integrated spare seal carrier. This system can be serviced in under 5 minutes and you’re on your way! Gone are the days of flooding the bilge to change a seal or the costly expense of a haul out to do such job.

Durability is not an issue. With proper alignment and lubrication the XPC Seal System has proven successful in Hydroplane race boats running shaft speeds in excess of 6000 RPM for over two seasons!

The XPC Seal is the standard for the recreational boat enthusiast. Used widely in the Ski and Wakeboarding industry XPC Seals perform like no others, providing years of worry free boating at an economical price.


Just-in-Case Prop Kit

Don’t be caught dead in the water with a bent or broken prop. This all-in-one kit has all you need to keep you off the beach and pulling.

What you get in a Just-In-Case This kit contains all you need to replace worn out parts, including a 3/4″ brass Nylock prop nut, a stainless steel key, and a cotter pin. This precision tool is essential to remove any inboard propeller with ease. Cast in 17-4 Stainless steel and powder coated to last the lifetime of your boat, it’s a smart, one-piece investment.

OJ’s Prop Wrench, designed specifically to remove tournament boat propeller nuts, is precision-milled from aluminum and anodized to a rich color.